Würkstand is an aluminium bicycle repair stand. Designed and manufactured in Australia. Würkstand is the professional tool for anyone who takes
care and maintains their bike.

Würkstand required a brand identity to give them a foothold in the global cycling industry. Würkstand have a unique point of difference over all of their competition, their product is hand built in Australia.

IC Creative Design initially worked on developing a logo that could be easily identified, be applied to the finished product (Würkstand) and appeal across all digital media platforms (such as facebook, Twitter etc). A branding colour pallet was then selected, with the logo’s main colour, ‘bright yellow’ being developed as a painted finish for use on the bicycle work stand to further enforce the brand.

Upon completion of the brand style guide, the business cards, brochure and responsive website were developed and launched. The brochure and website required excellent photography to showcase how the product works.

Responsive Website Design Wurkstand

Wurkstand Business Card Design
Wurkstand A4 Brochure design

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